Architectural Services

O H Architecture, pc offers a broad range of design expertise in residential and commercial architecture providing creative designs for your home or business.

Case Study: Emerson St. House

Explore this case study to see the evolution from the old dilapidated look to the fresh appeal of the rebuilt house.


What’s New?

On-going projects, whether they are future spec plans for sale or custom designed are highlighted here. Selected projects are shown because they demonstrate a particular response to unique design challenges or that they reveal additional design experience not shown elsewhere on the O H A website.

Plans for Sale

In Addition to designing commercial buildings and custom houses, O H Architecture now sells ready-made plans as is or modified to your wishes. Please see ‘Plans’ along the top-drop down navigation menu.

Solar & Sustainable Architecture

We will assist you in deciding which of the sustainable concepts and strategies that make sense for your house.

Interior Architecture

We offer consultation on an hourly basis to explore concepts or we can provide you with a range of services up to a complete customized design that expresses your vision.


OH Architecture, PC believe that every project is unique and therefore creative solutions are essential to the success of each project and client's needs. In particular, maximizing light and space is critical for design in the Pacific Northwest.

Also, we believe in integrating as much as possible, subject to the client's needs, passive and active solar design and the use of green materials.

With this awareness of environmental considerations, we emphasize in our design the “Not So Big House” philosophy so well promoted by Ms. Sarah Susanka. Therefore we promote smaller but more richly designed and detailed houses and buildings that are much more responsive to our client's specific and individual needs.


Why Hire An Architect?

Architects have talents, skills and design experience that most builders do not have. What's more, with ever increasing and more stringent regulations, hiring an architect becomes more of a necessity. Finally, architects have the knowledge to integrate the design that you want with structural and code regulations seamlessly.

  • Design solutions that expresses your living style
  • Harmonious and well proportioned designs
  • Knowledgeable & experienced in structural, code and legal considerations are integrated into the design process

You can certainly count us among your happy and satisfied customers - you can include my name as shown below.

We have received many complements on the way our lobby turned out (quite a few have been from architects - we assume they know something about design).

As a matter of fact, the building across the parking lot (which looked the same as ours before remodeling / addition) has difficulty finding tenants. We, on the other hand, have been fully occupied for sometime now.

The lobby design was very nice and worked really well with the existing structure. It achieved what we wanted and it added a lot of value to our building.

In short you were great to work with and your work stands out.
Babrak Amiri, PE