Architectural Services

Multi-Family: In multi-family residential dwellings, flow, well-laid out designed spaces, and access to light and views are paramount. Additionally, OHA believes that the siting of these buildings and the arrangement of spaces within them can facilitate and improve the sense of community and neighborhood.


S. Macadam Solar Condominiums

This project, currently in schematic design phase features (5) 3-story townhouses. The front facade presents a more urban look, for instead of a garage, there is a home office/guestroom adjacent to the entry way. The single car garage is accessed from the back. The house has a vertical core comprising of the stairs, bathrooms, kitchen and closets, leaving both the north and south ends free for the living areas and bedrooms. The main floor features the living, den, kitchen and dining areas. The upper floor contains the other two bedrooms. This townhouse will be have radiant floors, to be heated by a solar water collector and house will be powered by photovoltaic panels also up on the south facing roof.