Architectural Services

Planning: O H Architecture, pc as part of it’s sustainability goals encourages the development of pedestrian, and smaller human scale-centered communities, using energy efficient design and strategies.


Garden Grove

Near Multnomah Village,
Beaverton Oregon

This community has 15 nicely designed craftsman bungalows on a single thru street, to give this neighborhood its own unique feel. The far end of this street dead ends at an emergency fire access and children’s playground and garden plots put in the developer. The builder wanted to create a neighborhood of upscale bungalow houses. There are 3 dominant prototypes used: These are the “Irvington”, “Alameda”, and the “Laurelhurst”. A majority of the houses were sold before being built so owners were allowed to make very significant changes to the houses, including widening them and rearranging the floor plans, so that no two houses are alike in this community. The houses varied in size from approximately 2,940 sf to 3,400 sf. The break down are as follows:

“The Irvington” 4 residences
“The Alameda” 6 residences
“The Laurelhurst” 5 residences