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6218 House Additions

Three new additions were added on to the original split level house to deliberately create a totally new house as well as doubling it size. The additions included a 30 feet by 38 feet by up to 18 feet high photography studio on the left side of the house, a 2-story dining room and bedroom suite addition on the right side of the house and a new roof was constructed over the original middle part of the house where the existing entry door is.

The largest and most impressive of the addition is the photography studio. In addition to the size and height that are open and unobstructed, the framing utilizes deep glulam beam and nearly (4) 40 foot high angled glulam columns. On the north side of the addition, it overhangs over the front to create a car port for 2 cars and anchored to a pair of wood columns.

The other main addition, is the dining and master suite. The upper level dining room extends the length of the addition to open up the existing kitchen and to provide dramatic views of the mountain and ravine below.

By continuing one of the existing roof gable plane over the ridge, two additions are joined together in the mid century manner. Besides being the bridge between the two additions, this raise roof opens up the previously unstated entryway to the house. Because the roof is raised towards the photography addition, it mimics the angle the new stairs leading to the studio as well.