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Solar and Environmental: Sustainability could simply mean designing a “Not so Big House” to integrating capturing the sun with house orientation and solar collectors to simply using greener and recycled materials.


Bella Vista Residence

White Salmon, Washington

This house designed in a fairly contemporary manner is located 800' above the Columbia River takes advantages of the view, the solar passive gain and to minimize the gorge winds by with the geometry of the house.

The floor plan consists of a core of utilities, laundry and garbage storage on the first floor and bathrooms on the second floor with the south and view facing rooms wrapping around it on 3 sides. Because the core is on the north side, the amount of north facing windows are minimized. The kitchen, being just south of this core comes the center of the house, separating the more public living room and dining rooms on the west side of the house where the front entry is, from the family room on the east. On the north side, through the core, is an entry to the garage / loft , a separate building just behind this house. Since the neighborhood CC&s;Rs mandates a minimum of 1, 600 sf first floor, the left over space not used by the bedrooms upstairs was designed to be a deck off of the master bedroom. So both this deck and the living room which it covers below it has sweeping and expansive views of the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood to the South west. The construction is due to be completed in mid-late 2007.